STRIG Super Glide massage cream All-Natural Ingredients

1.7 OZ(38g)


This Strig Cream is all natural—made with beeswax, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, and Olive . StrigRub repairs calluses and scar tissue, makes an outstanding moisturizer, and a great lubricant for myofascial release work.
It's designed not to sweat when applied and is designed to not etch the finish of your Strig.

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The perfect glide for friction-less instrument assisted massage. It's solid at room temperature, but melts quickly and easily upon contact with human skin. It's like butter, baby!

  • •The Official Strig Emollient
  • •Special Formulation - Doesn't Absorb Into the Skin
  • •Provides a thin lubricating, protective layer that allows tools to glide over skin with excellent tissue perception.
  • •The perfect glide for friction-less deep tissue and instrument assisted massage.
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