Rapid Pain Relief Massager

Strig’s five-point blade design, each meant for a specific area of the entire body, allows its users to receive proper treatment for muscle strains. ”


Shawn McGuire - Los Angeles, CA

A.Duller Edge
Due to the sensitivity of the bottom of the face,
it is recommended to use the blunt edge for this area.
(jaw, lower chin, sides of the face)
B.Medium Convexity
Scan the area to be treated with the sharper edge using light strokes,
use the sharper edge with a shallow-to-deep depth of approach when
evaluating the type of area that requires treatment. (shoulder, neck, forearm)
C.Medium Concavity
The broad groove is best for effectively treating larger areas of the body
(qudriceps, hamstring, shoulder, foot lumbar)
D.Small Spot
When massaging around the knuckles and finger, use the small
contoured edges to get to the hard-to-reach portions.
(wrist, finger, hand, knee, foot)
E.Small Concavity
When treating area around grooves similar to the kneecap and
neck, use the medium-sized contoured edge to allow for sufficient
coverage and comfort. (neck, upper trapezius, patella)
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Strig is also light and portable,
and fits into any small bag,
making it the ideal instrument for
on-the-go treatment.

Our easy-to-use top-grade treatment technology ensures
that you’ll get the best recovery experience guaranteed,
no matter your background.


Vibration technology to accelerate muscle relaxation and promote the growth of muscle fibers.

Ergonomic design

Strig’s ergonomic convex-concave design molds perfectly to your body, allowing you to press directly onto the muscle and get at those hard to reach places.


Micro current Device emits micro currents to reduce the build-up of lactic acid and prevent muscle soreness.


Strig being used on various parts of the body





Strig being used on various parts of the body

Pec Major



Upper trapezius

Upper Arm





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